Introduction of School
   In the beautiful interior of the fertile Chengdu Plain shines a dazzling education pearl —the Experimental School of Shuangliu Middle School. With advanced educational ideas and solid teaching methods, it has become a beautiful educational landscape in Sichuan as well as in China and a holy land where many students aspire to be educated. As the junior high school of Shuangliu MiddleSchool—a national model school, the Experimental School of Shuangliu Middle School is a modern joint-stock school founded with the approval of Chengdu Educational Bureau. At present there are over 3000 students and 300 staff in the school, which is the experimental base for science research projects of the Ministry of Education, Tsinghua University education and training base, the National Traditional Sports Events school, and the train base for physics Olympic Competition of Sichuan University and for mathematics, chemistry Olympic Competition of Sichuan Normal University. In recent years, the school fully relies on a good policy environment, makes use of new school management mechanism, actively promotes the school's humanitarian efforts, standardization, innovation and modernization, and has already built the quality education model which is centered on curriculum reform. Its teaching capabilities have been recognized by our peers as well as the community. It was named an "A-level unit of food hygiene inSichuanProvince," the famous brand school inChina, "school in the national school management innovation brand" and other awards one after another.
Environment and Facilities

The Experimental School of Shuangliu Middle School is located in Shuangliu, a suburb town in the south ofChengdu, capital city ofSichuan Province,China. It is also at the crossing of many expressways and highways, so the school has a superior geographical position with transport facilities. The school occupies more than 150mu including6800M2for teaching. All the buildings are modernized, which include a comprehensive teaching building, a library, a lecture hall, a multi-functional hall, a sports and art hall, the standard 400-meter plastic sports ground, 4 basketball courts, student apartments and a 2-story dining hall , advanced dual-class physics and chemistry laboratories, electronic reading room, multi-media classrooms, and science and technology studios. Lighting, ventilation and sound effects in all the offices, classrooms, functional rooms achieve the desired requirements, and each classroom is connected to the campus network and equipped with audi-visual equipment.

The unique campus architectural style, the rich cultural landscape, the unique wind and rain corridor that connects the main buildings provide students with more spacious venues and make them walk freely between buildings whether it rains or shines. The green perennial trees, beautiful colorful flowers can be enjoyed all year round and students can walk on the wide tree-lined avenue, wander in the glorious flowers, communicate with nature in the cobblestone paved trail, and have a dialogue with the soul on the stone bench.

Science Research and Teaching Staff

The school carries out educational research which is focused on the curriculum reform; and all the teachers participate. The school principal is in charge of many provincial scientific research projects, including "Junior High School Mathematics Classroom Teaching Interactive Construction and Practice," "junior high school physical education teaching and integration of STS model of research and practice " and the sub-topic of the national key research projects " the experiment and research of writing teaching in junior high school " which successfully passed the identification of the Assessment Group, and was praised unanimously.

  With the administrators and faculty fromShuangliuMiddle School, the development platform has provided generous benefits and an excellent working environment. By building a scientific and efficient internal training, evaluation, selection mechanisms and recruiting the elite all overChina, the school started a strong and famous teaching team with an excellent quality and outstanding structure. At present there are 65 senior teachers, 87 first-grade teachers, and 5 foreign teachers, and 153 faculty members were named as provincial labor models, special-grade teachers, outstanding teachers, excellent class teachers, education experts, academic leaders and outstanding young teachers, teachers with excellent teaching morality, and all kinds of famous teachers in Shuangliu County.

In the climate of that research promotes development, teachers hold teaching research activities, strive to build effective interdisciplinary teaching models, show their mettle on the domestic and international high-level communication platform for education and scientific research, and fully display the charm and presence of the teachers. Two teachers, Xiong Zhaohui, and Chen Cuiwei participated in the national mathematics, Chinese recorded curricular activities, and the teaching process was recorded as VCD to issue nationally; Lv Huilan, Yang Xuemei, and Luo Yuanjun won the first prize in the national Chinese, Physics teaching competition; 3 teachers Yang Hong, Wen Chuanfu, and Luo Xiaozhang were named as one of the city’s leaders of their subjects, Luo Yuanjun was named as one of the city’s outstanding teachers; city outstanding young teacher –Zhang Yan, the teacher with excellent teaching morality—Sun Juimu, a famous teacher in the county—Luo Zhongxu, outstanding young teacher in the county – Zhou Cuihua, Wang Qin, Shi Hongwei, Wang Mingrong, Luo Hong, Yang Wenzhong and other teachers 26 teachers in total, were named as county leaders of their subjects; city outstanding young teacher Shang Meilin, city outstanding head teacher Kang Ming, school outstanding teacher Yuan Yong, He ling, He Xiang, Wu Ling and other teachers won the first prize in provincial and city teaching competitions; after Yang Hong taught in America, Li Zheng and Shang Meilin were sent to study in Reading University in the UK, Liu Yijia, Ou Ying, Wang Hua, Zeng Yan,Zhou Miao were sent to teach Chinese in the UK in succession and a wave of studying Chinese among the British students set off, which has been covered by BBC television.

Ideology and Management

In the succession of excellent quality of Shuangliu Middle School, the Experimental School of S.M.S adheres to the educational theory--"humanism, standardization, innovation and modernization", actively promotes the strategy of "expert in running the school", and often employs experts to give a comprehensive in-depth education and teaching guide lines about management and education. School management is fine, standard and ubiquitous; teacher and student behaviors are well managed, interpersonal relationships are democratic, equal, and harmonious. On the campus, students shop, dine, read, get in and out of the school and get information just on "One Card." Campus life is managed humanly and scientifically; the dining hall employs senior nutritionists and the students enjoy three meals a day. Student apartments are equipped with life teachers, full-time school doctors and full-time security guards working for 24 hours a day to ensure the health and safety of students. Schools adhere to the fine type of school-based studies, and strictly control the amount of the workload for teachers and students. We implement teaching in intermediate and small classes (55 students in intermediate classes, 45 students in small classes), so that teachers can pay close attention to every student.
Classes and Curriculums

With Modern educational and scientific achievements we have built teaching models focused primarily on the curriculum reform to promote the overall and full development of the students. Lively classes and rich school-based curriculum have become our distinctive features. This has, in turn, launched the research of building teaching models adhering to the new curriculum philosophy which characterizes our schools ambition to be more self directed, co- operational and explorative. Students spend 20% of their time out of the classrooms and school to work on many projects and start self-developed and every student has the opportunity to take part in one or two of these. According to the multiple intelligences theory we offer E-comm, Maths, Science, Literature and Art classes. Every class has corresponding courses and it provides a broad development space for students who have a good knowledge and interest in that particular area. School culture is the invisible course that our school attaches great importance to. In addition to the modern concept ethos and a perfect organizational system, the school has also strenghthened all kinds of rituals and layout, for example, “The Science and Technology Festival” and “The Literature and Art Festival” held annually are new platforms for teachers and students alike to show off their achievements in the activities. With regards to the  curriculum the school has also vigorously carried out international exchanges, and views our curriculum model from an international perspective.

Teaching Models           

    Our school has undertaken “inquiry based learning programs and experiment” the subtopic of the “ eleventh five ” special mission project by the Ministry Of Education, and has opened up the municipal project “ effectiveness research and experimental learning programs in primary and high schools ”, which mainly focus on how to choose the most optimal teaching methods and reform classroom teaching, as well as building a variety of classroom teaching models. Furthermore, it also focuses on promoting self direction, exploration and cooperation in learning, thereby encouraging students to participate under the guidance of learning innovatively and characteristically, together with increasing the importance of innovation and practical ability. Based on the class, the project that grasps the key to teaching reforms shows great foresight and intensive research has played a leading role. Our teachers have reformed classroom teaching and built an academic teaching model, from which has developed a unique style of teaching. Research reports won dozens of nation and provincial awards. More than twenty teacher spromoted the achievements in the primary research lecture demonstration classes in cities and classes, and these were praised by experts and peers alike. According to the results of the “ classroom teaching model” every teaching research group developed its own school-based teaching materials and complied with the “ teaching and learning plans” highlighting the guidance of students’ learning, inquiry, discussion, reflection and other activities in order to build a combination of teaching and learning models of interaction. Practice has proved that our classroom teaching models are scientific, practical and feasible, and have improved the effectiveness of our teaching and learning; while also promoting students’ initiative, comprehensive and personal development.  

Activity Courses    

Our school spends 20% of the total time offering a variety of integrated curriculums to encourage students to be more innovative. These include: Spring buds poetry, debates, eggs hit the Earth experiment, model car making, administrative division puzzle, composition, live painting, English speech, animations, drama performances, poetry reading and other works in a variety of exciting performances, a visit to the ancient town of Huang Long Xi, new Shuangliu town, Sichuan science and technology museum, Du Fu’s thatched cottage, the survey of water environment in Shuangliu, the urban transportation, and other social programs. The result of researches has shown the students’ deep thinking and wisdom concerning society and other future in general, especially their independent research on the water environment of Baihe river which got significant results, together with the research report “ concern water resource, protect mother river ” which won the provincial second prize.

Optional Courses

 In order to develop students’ talents, our school has set up many optional courses like creative writing, public speaking and host training, film studies, oral English, science invention, robots, electronics, maths Olympic training, the use of physics, model making and agricultural studies to mention but a few.

We give students the opportunity to choose one or two of these courses during their matriculation, meanwhile the optional courses formed as clubs have provided students with a more vivid environment to practice, such as the student radio station, science fans club, photography enthusiasts and so on. The magazine “ Spring Sprout ”from the literature club of our school won the first prize in the second national school magazine competition. The teachers for optional courses were carefully selected based on their expertise. The text books that we use were created by ourselves using our school strengths. The optional courses have fully developed students’ talents and hobbies, and our own school created text books such as the robot structures and procedures FVC robot, mathematics learning scheme, safety accompanying my growth have won prizes at national and provincial levels and are acknowledged and praised by scholars and experts. These textbooks, based on uniqueness together with great levels of comprehension and selection have remedied the short comings of the national curriculum and have moved forward the implementation of the Quality Education of our school. At the same time they have also promoted the development of the students in every aspect of life.

Specialized Classes

 The quality of education is a top priority. We develop the students’ talents in all aspects by using advanced teaching methods.

 There are four different categories of classes based on areas of concentration( ie. English, maths, science and art ).

 The curriculum has been enhanced with the following special classes which exceed the national curriculum standards: Cambridge English, Maths Olympic competition, The use of computer math software, Science creation program, Physics/chemistry competition, Appreciation and creation of literature. These courses provide the students with space to enhance their abilities in the areas of their strengths and interests.

Science and Art Festivals

  These two festivals are very important to our school culture. They set a stage for students to show their talents and develop their strengths.

 The science festival allows students to showcase their creativity in the field of science such as: how electricity works, science creation, science essays, science DV, designing the class homepage and the model car competition etc. The science festival has created a great learning atmosphere at the school, and it inspires many valuable and creative pieces which have won prizes from the Chengdu Science Competition.

 The school art festival banquet attracts many students from the English Activity Month.

 The English activity month has many facets including debates, dramatic performances, handwriting and drawing competitions, and a poem party culminating with the English Christmas party. The students demonstrate their talents, creativity and energy during the festival. The moving short play “ I am a Spoiled Kid ” had people in tears. The dance by the Origami Girls astonished the audience with “ joy of the harvest”.

 The debate competition enthralled the audience and created an electrifying atmosphere. Our foreign friends have been impressed with the students’ oral ability and comprehension in spoken English.

The geography puzzle, cartoon dubbing, poem reading and story competitions have all been found to be exciting and interesting.

International Communication

 We have established good relationships with schools in the US, UK, Germany, Australia, and Singapore in order to gain greater exposure on a world scale; we also work with international education programs and gather insights on their strengths.

Our E-comm classes are co-ordinated with a language training institute inAustralia, and this has allowed students to gain a good basis for IELTS.

We are also linked with foreign schools and have a teacher exchange program. With the aid of the internet and visiting foreign teachers and students, our students gain experience and improve their communication skills with native speakers.

In 2009, teachers and students from our sister school in German visited us for the fourth time , and our sister school in theUKreturned to us for the second time.

The foreign students learnt Chinese Calligraphy and Kung Fu, and experienced Chinese Culture. The English students discussed the importance of protecting and sustaining our environment in English with our students. Our report on the pollution of theBaiheRiverwas taken to the Copenhagen Conference by our English sister school, with the report also being covered by the BBC.

Achievement and Reputation

With the furtherance of the curriculum reform in our school, the students’ passion has been motivated as a result of the activity classes and optional classes that are widely available; thus enabling the students to fully enjoy themselves in a wonderful atmosphere. Not only have they achieved very good results in all kinds of competition, but they have also shown their unique spirit in practicing and exploring.

Students in our school have taken part in the Entrance Examination toSeniorMiddle School for 8 years running, and, furthermore, have managed to achieve the No.1 position for 7 years continuously. The number of excellent students far exceeds the other schools. Meanwhile, our students have been awarded many prizes for their performances in both international and national contests, such as: 235 students awarded the national level prize in the CNMO, There were 143 students got national level prize inNationalSchoolPhysics Competition. 1160 works from students won awards in the 24th 、25th  and 26th youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition in Chengdu (including 2 outstanding awards), and 90 of them have gotten the state invention patent certificate. 304 students awarded the national level prize in the NEPCS for the past 4 years,7 students reached the final of CCTV’s Outlook English inSichuan, and 3 of them actually qualified for the final inBeijing. The robotics team in our school also managed to collect first prize in National, Asian, and World level competitions, with the school sports team also winning many championships at various sports meetings. One of the E-comm Class graduates, Yang Xinwei , representedChinain the 34th International Students Annual Debating Contest. Her wonderful performance was appreciated by both the audience and judges. Wan Yi, a student from the Art Class, has published a book called Flowery Age of 16. Lv Yi, the former women softball player at our school, represented the national team at the 15th Asian Games. Zhou Yanyuan,one of the athletes in the school, was selected as a national team member for the 1st World Youth Games. After years of exploring the curriculum reform, the reputation of our school has spread all overChengduand evenSichuan. Meanwhile, the high overall running standards of our school, together with its unique spirit,  has met with approval from our educational counterparts and society at large. We have been awarded prizes, such as: TheEliteSchoolinChina, Creativity in School Management, and the ISA Prize given by the Culture and Education Exchange Association from the British government, in 2010. All the teachers have a strong sense of identity and direction towards the development of the school. At our school you will not only find students studying in the classroom, but also in the library, science labs, play ground, art room, English Corner and studios. Sometimes the students leave campus and venture into the cities and villages under construction. Students also go to the local communities and malls to learn more about traffic issues, city management, and environmental protection.