Eddie’s school life in China— Learning the culture of Chengdu

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Eddies school life in China

          Learning the culture of Chengdu

Geography of Chengdu is one of the courses designed for Eddie. PANDAS is the certain subject. Pandas’ history, panda’s eating habits, pandas’ birth and so on all can be found in the class. Pandas is really popular with foreigners. It’s regarded as a symbol of China. Eddie tells us he has seen pandas in a zoo in US so he strongly expects to be closer to pandas in Chengdu, the hometown of pandas. Meanwhile, to meet his American friends’ requests, he will take a lot of photos and share with them. Mir.Wang starts his class with Kongfu Panda III,a famous cartoon around the world. Then several questions about pandas attracts Eddie soon. Eddie learnt a lot more about the cute animal through the lesson. The class ended up with a sitcom called the Story of Pandas.